Friday, April 12, 2024

Midwest-Emo band The Wonderful Now release new EP "Some Place Like Home"


The group, created by Elton Souza and Gabriel Costa, supported by Matheus Justem, returns in 2024 with what appears to be an updated or even definitive version of their first EP – previously, There's No Place Like Home; now, some place like home –, rearranged and partially captured in the comfort of home, under some supervision and consistent production (recording, editing, mixing and mastering) by Matt Nunes (Estúdio Mojo); composed of 6 original tracks, which primarily flirt with Midwest Emo, as well as characteristic elements of Post-Rock, Dream Pop and Math Rock, in an occasionally modern approach.

As the title already suggests – somewhere like home –, the work provides reflection on what is familiar (what is known or presumed to know) and what is strange; unusual (of what escapes familiarity). It deals with cause and effect relationships relating to processes of distancing and, above all, the feeling of belonging and self-knowledge.

If you like American Football, Bombay Bicycle Club, Chinese Football, Day Wave, Death Cab for Cutie, And the Earth Never Seems So Far Away, Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate), Explosions in the Sky, Movements, Mt. Oriander, Prawn, Quarto do L, Toe, TTNG, Turnover, Two Door Cinema Club, We Lost the Sea, Wild Nothing and the like, you'll probably enjoy listening to The Wonderful Now.

"Some Place Like Home":

ABOUT THE BAND: São Gonçalo (Rio de Janeiro/Brazil) is a somewhat busy city. From Monday to Monday, he lives a frenetic routine that goes from urban chaos to the simple pleasure of “making lemonade out of lemons”. And it is in this context that The Wonderful Now (Wonderful Now; TWN) emerges, with an Indie Rock that challenges conventions and methods; which lies between noise and calm, in dynamic songs, with few verses, many metaphors and a melancholic instrumental.

In the period from 2018 to 2019, there were almost 15 shows between the city of Rio and Grande Rio, with emphasis on the edition of Red Bull Music Breaktime Sessions held at UFF, Niterói, as well as the opening for the São Paulo band from the Balaclava Records label, with a visit to Lollapalooza, And The Land Never Seems So Distant, at Aparelho, Praça Tiradentes, Centro - RJ. TWN was also among the winning projects of the TOTH Single Day competition at Estúdio TOTH, São Paulo, promoted by producers and members of the band Bullet Bane, with around 70 entries and only 4 selected.

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