Friday, April 12, 2024

From alt rock to indie folk Female President release new single “Home Is The Horizon”


When the person you love is away, every minute feels like an eternity, and every mile separates you further from them. Longing and sadness can be overwhelming, but eventually, daily routines and mundane chores take over. Even though their absence is palpable, you keep yourself busy and distracted. But then, gratitude comes to the rescue, bringing a flag of hope in the form of a text message or their voice on the phone. Each passing day becomes precious, and you start to dream about all the things you could build together if the odds remain in your favor.

ABOUT “Home Is The Horizon”: Female President is writing and recording their second EP, due out in May of 2024, ‘The Healing Ritual’. Healing is a tough and chaotic process, it often takes pain and discomfort to motivate change. Often when you work on making your life or circumstances better, you find yourself surrounded by strangers and outside of your comfort zone. The Healing Ritual explores the roller coaster ride from pain to peace.

“Home Is The Horizon” is meant to calm, to embrace the feeling of patience even when it sparks tears. With a repetitive lullaby quality, performing it as if singing to a child, soothing their worries and fears. The official music video is a simple collection of videos from the family’s travels and holiday celebrations. The subject is always love with Female President, either the having of it or its loss. “Home Is The Horizon” whispers that love is truly patient, kind, and always wins.


An American family trio inspired by early roots of rock n roll; simplistic riffs that groove and dynamics that build to a fever pitch. Starting during the pandemic as a way to cope with canceled tours and shuttered venues, Female President writes songs with an honest grit and emotional vibe that you can groove to and rock out. Combining their unique playing styles and genuine love of music, Female President is an energized modern rock band with a sound all its own.

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