Monday, November 20, 2023

Illegal Mind releases “From The Ashes”, album was created in an Ashqelon bomb shelter


Fusing 90s nu-metal and rock Illegal Mind release new album "From The Ashes"

Illegal Mind, already gracing the pages of Power Play Magazine, Rock Hard Italy, and, destroys musical norms by fusing 90s nu-metal, 00s ROCK, and industrial, crafting a uniquely powerful sound. Fueled by a fervent passion for post-apocalyptic themes, their bold experimentation promises an unprecedented, genre-defying journey in the new album "From The Ashes".

Stream the album here:

From Tel Aviv's post-apocalyptic streets, Illegal Mind, born in February 2018, channels dystopian reflections into a rebellious sonic journey inspired by 20th-century post-apocalyptic literature and pop culture. Their 2020 EP, "Forbidden Conten" unveiled tracks like "Free" and "Bleeding Sky" accompanied by visually striking lyric videos. Undaunted by the pandemic, they persistently innovate, inviting listeners on a thrilling odyssey through unexplored sonic territories.

"From The Ashes" born from the transformation of a full band to a solo project, was conceived in an Ashqelon bomb shelter. Mastermind Maxx Dee, taking a DIY approach, recorded and mixed the album, skillfully blending genres like nu-metal and pop punk to align with the band's vision. Originally penned before the current Middle East conflict (2023), the songs now carry an added dimension, offering a poignant reflection on a world gone insane.

"From The Ashes":

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