Wednesday, July 26, 2023

German death/tantric metal band Susurro release new single "Life Matters"


German death/thrash/tantric metal band Susurro released their new single "Life Matters" on July 14 at Masters of Rock in Vizovice (Czech Republic). The release was recorded at AMSS-UG Studios and mixed and mastered by Andy Lux.

Band founder Jack Skaner describes the song as follows: Racism, police violence. Inequality in politics and justice is on the rise. Get rid of dictatorships, freedom, equality, we are all equal. Susurro was founded in 2019 by Jack Skaner (vocals/guitar) in Allmersbach. Shortly after, Mr. Six-Ell (bass) and Winzent Walace (guitar/keyboards) joined the band and the line- up was complete.

The band's debut album, Erratic, was released in January 2022.

"Life Matters":

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