Thursday, June 6, 2024

Beck Thompson captures the essence of 80s rock with new single "Hot 4 Teacher"


Beck Thompson, a talented musical artist with a passion for 80s rock, just release the new single , "Hot 4 Teacher". The project began in early 2024, when Beck Thompson and his team entered the studio at Helvig Studios in Minneapolis, MN. After going through a few different versions, the song is finally ready and available on all streaming plataforms.

Beck Thompson is heavily influenced by 80s rock 'n' roll, citing bands such as REO Speedwagon, Van Halen and Bon Jovi as his favorites. He appreciates the grandeur, maximalism and sonic drama of this period. Furthermore, his music is also influenced by styles such as country and hip-hop.

Beck Thompson's songwriting process usually begins with him writing arrangements on piano and acoustic guitar. He then takes these ideas to the studio, where he works with his team to create complete instruments. Writing the lyrics comes last and is Beck's favorite part of the process.

When asked about his future plans for the project, Beck shares, "My future plans for this project include continuing to support this single and releasing more music throughout the summer with a similar sound. I'm trying to create a modernized version of the rockstar energy of the 1990s. 80. It may not be for everyone, but it is for me."

Beck Thompson's new single promises to capture the essence of 80s rock with a modern and unique approach. Don't miss the opportunity to hear the next hit on the contemporary music scene.


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