Friday, March 22, 2024

Shoegaze/Psych Rock project Screaming Bones release new music video "The Essence of Cool"


It’s the year 2024. The worldwide network of knowledge known as the internet is in shambles. It is flooded with fake news, artificial intelligence, conspiracy cults and meaningless cat memes. Here’s what it takes in these days: a video without meaning, no hidden sense, no reason and no hints about popular conspiracy theories. A female android will dance for you, lush lips will hypnotise you. Beware of the white rabbit! Screaming Bones - The Essence of Cool, taken from the recent release ‚I Think I‘m OK!‘.

The Essence Of Cool:

The album 'I think I’m OK‘ starts with ‚The Essence of Cool‘ and ‚Electric Feel‘, both crackling with electric guitar energy. ‚I think I’m OK‘ will be the companion for next spring while ‚Bar Life‘ makes you want to grab the sounds through a haze of cigarette smoke in a worn-down bar. ‚Chillin‘ on a Sunday Afternoon‘ is an interlude before you go on the epic ‚Road Trip‘ with its monotonous hammering bass. Listen on headphones to enjoy the full effects. Listen here:

Screaming Bones’ music exists to take your head onto a sonic journey into the unknown. The sound is unique and sometimes clashes with your worn-out and beloved listening patterns. But as you take your time and follow the sounds, these gems of wonderful music will unfold in your ears and in your mind, revealing their timeless beauty.

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