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Progressive Heavy Metal band Exodus Rising release new single/music video "Blazing Love"


Progressive Heavy Metal band Exodus Rising release new single/music video "Blazing Love"

Exodus Rising, the vanguards of Progressive Heavy Metal, are set to unleash a sonic revolution with their scorching new single and music video, "Blazing Love" This incendiary track, part of their upcoming album "The Book of Life.

"Blazing Love":

Daring to tread where no Christian metal band has gone before, Exodus Rising boldly tackles the poetic verses of the Songs of Solomon from the Bible. The band pushes the limits, shining a blazing spotlight on the divine gift of perfect love bestowed by the Lord. In a historic move, Exodus Rising becomes the first to expose the passionate romance between King Solomon and his Bride in a Progressive Heavy Metal fashion, breaking the rules of the genre with unapologetic fervor.

"Blazing Love" is not just a song; it's a fiery manifesto challenging the norms of Christian metal. Exodus Rising seamlessly blends the intensity of Heavy Metal with the profound emotions of love and devotion, creating a musical experience that transcends genres. The track is a groundbreaking foray into uncharted territory, as the band humanizes the characters of the sacred texts, breathing life into the timeless verses that grace us with the Lord's mercy.

As pioneers of Progressive Heavy Metal, Exodus Rising has positioned themselves at the forefront of their craft with this red-hot single. The band fearlessly breaks the mold, offering listeners an unparalleled journey through the heart of divine romance. "Blazing Love" is a testament to Exodus Rising's commitment to innovation, pushing the boundaries of what Christian metal can achieve.

"The Book of Life," Exodus Rising's debut album promises to be a game-changer, showcasing the band's prowess in marrying Heavy Metal with spiritual depth. As they rewrite the rules and humanize the divine characters, Exodus Rising invites fans to join them on this groundbreaking musical odyssey available now on []

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