Monday, January 15, 2024

German indietronic duo Bromsen unleash new single "Someone", track is part of the upcoming album "Brothers in Mind"


Berlin-based indietronic duo Bromsen is proud to unleash their 5th single "Someone". The track is taken from their highly anticipated debut album, "Brothers in Mind", due for release via Epictronic on 16 February 2024.

Bromsen's 5th single is a song intended to encourage listeners not always to follow the well-trodden path in life, but to listen to their inner voice and go their own way. Listen here:

One source of inspiration for Bromsen's “Someone” was Irish songwriter Luka Bloom, born in 1955 as Barry Moore, and the younger brother of the celebrated folk musician Christy Moore. He decided to move to the United States of America in the late 80's and reinvented himself as Luka Bloom. During that time in America, he regularly played in pubs and established himself step by step as an artist with a unique fingerprint. Karlo Bromsen “Although we both come from a completely different musical background, Richard and I both love his music and especially his puristic album "Turf" which is a true masterpiece. While our previous single “Read About It” was about the tragic heroes who are not longer with us anymore, this positive song is also a “hello” to one of our living legends who is still making great music and who is inspiring countless people all over the world.”

Richard Bromsen: “We hope our song gives people lots of positive energy, similar to what you would get if you walked somewhere on the outskirts on a cold and sunny day, be it Berlin or anywhere else in the world.”

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