Thursday, December 7, 2023

With strong, moody vocals and solid guitar features Hani Abadi release new album "Tiamat"


With anything but a dull musical journey, Abadi has taken on his first solo project since being part of Bilocate, a dark metal band. Originally from what was formerly known as Yugoslavia, Abadi explains he is from a place that labels anyone a satanist for looking different or listening to music that is misunderstood. With Bilocate, he rebelled through music and even risked imprisonment with shows that were eventually shut down by authorities. Today, the musician calls California home, and he can’t recall the last time he performed the last time he played in his country, Jordan.

Now, after a history of musical rebellion, comes his first solo project: a collection of personal stories enveloped in a delicate and emotive album.

"Tiamat" is a deeply personal creation. Abadi does not shy away from the tough stuff as he wanders through the emotional heartache of losing family members while miles away, the darkness of disease, and how our lives have collectively changed since the pandemic. Emotion is felt in every track through moving melodies and powerful songwriting. Tiamat is truly an honest creation. The multi-talented composer explains the album has no restraints — it is just music that led the way.


The album knows no genre or style. With strong, moody vocals and solid guitar features, it’s clear Abadi’s rock influences are present alongside alternative and folk elements. With honesty and deep emotion, Abadi has poured his heart into “Oblivion,” which follows themes of loss and reflection.

After years of writing, composing, and creating, Tiamat was finally recorded, many of the parts of which were recorded in Abadi’s home studio in the Bay Area. And while it is a solo project, Abadi feels fortunate to have connected with other international musicians, notably drummer Eduardo Sinatra and mixing engineer Tom Maclean, among other talented artists.

“Everyone who participated and contributed to this album has been patient with me, and I firmly believe this whole record wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for all those incredible souls,” says Abadi.

Hani Abadi is a name to watch out for. This is only the beginning of his expression and genre-defying creations. Tiamat, Abadi’s innermost emotions reflected in an impressive soundscape, will soon be yours to discover.

"Oblivion" (Official Music Video): Hani Abadi steps out from his comfort zone with his new acoustic project Tiamat.

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