Monday, December 18, 2023

Russian Stoner/Doom metal band Astrosail release new album "Целое"


Having gathered in 2015, already in 2016 the band released their debut EP "Океан". After a few gigs in cult Moscow underground clubs, the band took a break and came back in 2023 with a new album "Целое".

"Целое" is a concept album, and have the central idea is unity, in the broad sense of the word. Past and future, inner and outer, material and spiritual. As one of the songs of the album says: "the parts are not so important, only the indivisible matters". Each song on the album is imbued with the idea of the unity of all things, slowly leading the listener to this idea.

The track "Здесь", which opens the album and was released as a single. This song is about being present in the now, not in the past or the future, about realizing yourself in the moment. The band plans to release a music video for this song early next year.

After a two-year break they went on an expedition to the Altai Mountains in Russia and it is there that they realize how their next album should sound, what it should tell about. Having got out of noisy cities and being alone with nature, the concept of the album was born by itself - Unity, in the broadest sense of the word. The album title was chosen right away - “Целое” (Whole).

The sound of the album is aggressive, but at the same time enveloping. This is due to the occult and almost church-like vocal lines, which act as an additional instrument to create atmosphere, rather than taking a central role in the mix. In this sound, in this atmosphere, it seems to them that they have found theirselves and it is in this direction that they plan to work further.



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