Saturday, November 25, 2023

Jaime’s Tone Release The Progressive Rock Ballad "War"


Jaime’s Tone Release The Progressive Rock Ballad "War"

Jaime’s Tone released today a new single, entitled “War”. “War” is the 2nd single extracted from the upcoming 3 rd album from Jaime’s Tone. The first single, “Take a Chance”, was more pop-rock oriented, and got extremely positive reviews. Indie AM from Mexico declared for example that “this song is an example of Jaime's Tone's talent and versatility to explore different facets of their sound, offering a musical experience that is both fun and motivating”.

“’War’ is a very heavy-oriented song, both from the standpoint of music genre, as well as from the lyrics point of view. It was written down before the current events in the Middle East. It refers mostly to the conflict in Ukraine, but talks more generally of how it feels to try and live in a time of war, whenever and wherever that is happening’”, stated Jacques from Jaime’s Tone.

“War” was mixed and mastered by the electro-rock mixing and mastering engineer Etienne Pelosoff, at Etienne Pelosoff Studios. Jaime’s Tone’s 3 rd album shall be available in March 2024.


About Jaime’s Tone:

Jaime's Tone’s unique sound is at the crossroad of pop, rock, hard rock and progressive rock. Jaime’s Tone has already released two albums: “Futuristic Apocalypse” in December 2021, and “Alone in the city of Dreams” in January 2023. “Futuristic Apocalypse” features ‘Chasing Shadows’, a cover from the American band Kansas, with special guest Eric Gillette from NMB and TEMIC on vocals. “Alone in the City of Dreams” includes the two singles ‘Speedy Lightning’ and ‘Alone’.

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