Thursday, October 19, 2023

El Kintano and La Venerea releases a series of videos from his latest album "Océanos Sangrientos"


Post Punk/Alt Rock band El Kintano and La Venerea releases a series of videos from his latest album "Océanos Sangrientos"

EL KINTANO Y LA VENEREA releases a series of new videos from his latest album "Océanos Sangrientos". "Oceanos Sangrientos" recorded in the Spanish Asturian coast, mixed, produced and mastered in Montreal Studios by the hand of producer Hans Kruger. "Océanos Sangrientos" represents the state of mind of El Kintano and La Venerea at the current moment of their career, to captivate new audiences through their new raw and visceral Post Punk sound. This new album is the first of what will be the musical trilogy of their message "A CONCEPT CREATED FOR DIFFICULT TIMES".

"Norman Virgil Osborn", a cut that belongs to the album Océanos Sangrientos from the sandy streets of Spain, Shot as if it were a B comic book, the clip is produced and directed by the whole team of El Kintano y la Venerea, trying to capture all the intensity of the characters. They escape from a dead end to reach infinity. "Norman Virgil Osborn" has a fast "Ramonian" and peculiar atmosphere with choppy and intertwined guitar parts, the guitar solo on this track is a heartbreaking spectacle that leads to the end of the track with a powerful climax. "Norman Virgil Osborn" :

THE PLAGUE takes the listener into their vortex of anguish with La Plaga,with a Guitar Riff that instinctively makes your feet move frantically along with the vocalist's anguished voice. The video conveys that the Plague of Plagues is the human being and is impossible to eradicate, The images of the video are generated with sepia and distortion effects trying to create a desert atmosphere that leads the viewer to have that apocalyptic feeling. La Plaga:

Objetos y Extraños comes from the other side to sing to us as a ghost from beyond, mixing the real world with the astral world to reflect the darkest feelings. The video is generated with images of AI and its singer flying over them. Sound with disturbing attack with the guitars unleashing a raw wall of sensations while the drums drive the song at a breakneck pace. Very emotional and angry vocals coming from the dark side, Objects and Strangers is pure musical cruelty at its finest. Objetos y Extraños:

THE RAT, A torrential dust storm with flying and vigorous rhythms, the baritones of El Kintano and La Venerea lead the soundscape in which the video takes place, an industrial estate in the underworld of the old mining industry, Bordered by distortion and the snubs of madness, it sails effortlessly through the undulating waves of the most lurid punk to transmit the "Yes, of course you're a Rat". THE RAT:

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