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Weird Tales "Second Coming, Second Crucifixion" out now!


Weird Tales

Second Coming, Second Crucifixion

Interstellar Smoke Records

1 September 2023

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WEIRD TALES - "Second Coming, Second Crucifixion"

Like a stab between the eyes, Polish Warsaw trio WEIRD TALES will deliver their outrageous new full length album on September 1st via Interstellar Smoke Records.

"Second Coming, Second Crucifixion" consists of six new tracks - 40 minute riff based dance music for psychopaths.

On their most extraverted work to date, WEIRD TALES are manifesting disappointment in humanity, friendship and love. Hatred from the deepest abyss of the heart is mixed up with the creepshow stories about schizos, drug addicts and slaughter.

Starting as a stoner doom band, they incorporated proto-punk, psychedelic and noise to their music and amplified it with narcotic psychosis. Now they put it to your face straight from hell!

Harsh guitars, rapid, vigorous drums and dirty bass will fall on your head like a storm. Filled with dark psychedelic vocals and filthy lyrics it brings sardonic fun to all fans of heavy music, who are disappointed with life.

Doom power trio from Warsaw, formed in 2015.
The Band consists of Dima (guitar, lead vocal), Kriss (bass, back vocal) and Smoku (drums, back vocals).

WEIRD TALES is riff worship driven by narcotic psychosis. Sick compositions and grooves stitching together riff stabs, tectonic-shifting rhythms, hypnotic melodic verses, hazy, acid-soaked interludes and psychoactive guitar soloing that eventually congeal into a Sabbath-worshiping hoe-down.

The band have released 1 Full-Length album and 3 EP’s, with the most recent -
“Y'all Motherfuckers Forgot 'Bout Good Ol' Son of a Bitchin' Blues“
and live-in-studio record “Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die“ having been released in 2021.

WEIRD TALES is known for varied music presented on each release and raw,
energetic live performances. If anyone could capture a bad trip, that would be it.

New full length album “Second Coming, Second Crucifixion” will be released 01.09.20223 via Interstellar Smoke Records.

WEIRD TALES shared stages with such well known acts like Church of Misery, Bongzilla, Belzebong, Dopelord and Spaceslug and performed at festivals Electric Meadow, Gruzilla and Low Gravity.

The band tours frequently over Poland and Europe and played in Germany, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia

Check Out Singles from the upcoming album:
"Swampire" official video:
"Undertaker" lyrics video:
"Disgusting & Mean" tour video:

"ZZ" live studio video:


2017 - two EP’s “WEIRD TALES” and “SHINY VOID”
2019 - debut full length album “Hell Services Cost a Lot”
2021 - concept EP “Y'all Motherfuckers Forgot 'Bout Good Ol' Son of a Bitchin' Blues“
2021 - live studio recording “ZZ”
2023 – full length “Second Coming, Second Crucifixion”
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