Saturday, September 23, 2023

Psychedelic doom act Weird Tales unleash new single - "Krokodil Blues"


The final single is about drugs, and specifically - opiates. As Lemmy once said: "Heroine must be wonderful, cause lots of my friends died for it". Can you imagine having your arm and leg rotting and falling off, and the only thing you can think of is another dose of the poison that's responsible for it? Listen to Lemmy kids - don't touch that shit! Do speed instead!



We are the ones who use

Dazed and confused

Purgatory of the living fast

All the things you know are already past

And it's hard to explain

And you have to obey

When the drugs talk to you

They leave no choice I'm warning you`


Flesh rotten down to the bone

Cut it or you'll be gone

Vein is running away

Another shot, another day...

Should I have to explain

This shit drives me insane

When the God talks to you

There is no choice I'm warning you


Lyrics by Dima


Mixed by Smoku

Produced by WEIRD TALES

Mastered by Nebula Studio

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