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Vasoline Tuner reinforced a fusion of experimental avant-garde with rock on the album “Canceled Crystal Balls”


Vasoline Tuner is promoting the latest song/video called "Melted by Aliens" from the most recent album “Canceled Crystal Balls” and it is about getting abducted and melted by aliens to be used as their face cream or lube.

Vasoline Tuner is a psychedelic punk/ experimental rock/ freak pop type band from Southern California/ USA , it is the highly imaginative work of guitarist/vocalist/ songwriter BillyTsounis and has been described as “ the sonic equivalent to Salvador Dali’s paintings and as weird and wonderful .

The band has a crazy mix of disco music/art rock/ infectious electro punk and weird melodies with a deep bass groove,solid funky drum beat and droning guitars. Vasoline Turner is definitely a ride from outer space.

In this new interview, we talk to guitarist/vocalist/ songwriter BillyTsounis about his music inspirations, curiosities and future plans. Check it out bellow:

What can you say about this new release? It’s a collection of songs with an underlying theme of cosmic irreverence ,lo- fi campiness and caustic surrealism all covered in a fat and trippy rock attitude.

How was the recording process of the album? the album was recorded here in the city of Hemet , CA by this young and super talented guy , Josiah Garcia at his home studio . We the band ,Julio Guez and Austin Malik tracked live and then I did a few overdubs and the vocals . The songs “ clouds are sexy” and Rich ladies purse” has the drums being recorded in Nashville by my good friend Kevin Rapillo . I sent the riffs/ song to a click and he played all perfectly as he does and I did the guitars here in town . The album was actually recorded during the Plandemic period.

Where did you get the idea for the project name? the name of the band Vasoline Tuner originated by a friend and it was meant as an alter ego to my actual name Vasilios Tsounis and through the blender of me liking to tune guitars in specific tunings that I make up anduse them in songs along with the occasional vasoline excursion. The title of the album - Cancelled Crystal balls - it’s something that I metaphorically used in the sense of cancel culture and crystal balls supposedly looking into the future so I was getting at the future through someone else’s eyes and superstitions is cancelled . It can also be someone’s balls all crystal and non hairy and easily breakable.

If you had to pick one song, which one would you pick? I like all of them on the album but I really like Bake Baby Bake . It’s chaotic and spiral.

What's your favourite band? im not sure I have a favorite band , I like a lot of bands / artists . I like Frank Zappa/ the Police/ Flaming Lips/ AC/DC/ Butthole Surfers / lots of metal , 70s disco/ Cumbia…

Who or what inspires you to write songs? Mostly subconsciously, I just react on moments and I like to pick apart supposed taboos or social/ culture behavior, fear , delusions. Anything , really but at some point I look for the dark or sarcastic side of things that normally don’t want to be looked at . Ugly makes it beautiful.

Whom would you like to feature with? Like your dream collaboration? I don’t have a dream collaboration but I would enjoy writing with Kool Keith , MF Doom if he was still alive and Nile Rodgers . I’m down with any creative attempt or experience.

How is the independent and underground scene in your country? well, the country sure is big and I believe there is a thriving and healthy underground scene all over . There are many young and talented bands playing and trying many different styles . The fact that they can do it all or most is positive. Just the fact that they get creative and get out there and play is magic. So much good music to hear , too few hours.

What are your plans for the future? my plans are to continue to challenge myself artistically and keep writing and performing music that I enjoy doing . Of course I would like to play in different parts of the world and collaborate with others.

“Melted by Aliens”:

"Cancelled Crystal Balls":

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