Thursday, February 9, 2023

The 5-piece band from southern California, Infamous Stiffs, deliveries a sharp and angry punk rock on new EP “Lockdown Live”


SoCal punk rockers, Infamous Stiffs, are back with a six song live EP, “Lockdown Live”, their second release on Riot Records/Golden Robot Records, available for pre-order/add/save, with new single Kill for the Sound (Live) out now alongside the music video for the track.

Rife with pent up energy and aggression, the results of this experiment speak for themselves. Catchy, hard and unforgiving, “Lockdown Live” offers a real-time perspective on the songs and of the current state of affairs. It’s a little something to chew on during these lean times of uncertainty and the doldrums we all face.

Formed in 2019 in Southern California, the members of Infamous Stiffs have spent decades playing punk rock ‘n’ roll in various incarnations…all roads leading to the sonic condition that is Infamous Stiffs. A relentless assault of loud infectious hooks and shakes that’ll make you move!

Infamous Stiffs are: Scotty Wilkins (vocs), Jim Perrault (bass), Mark Pananides (guitar), John Gilhooley (guitar) and Ryland Steen (drums).

In this new interview, we talk with the band about their music inspirations, curiosities and future plans. Check it out bellow:

Where did you get the idea for the band name?

Jim- A tribute to all the punk musicans who inspired us and died in infamy.

John- Most people can name an infamous stiff. Society tends to glorify them.

Why punk rock?

Mark- The first time I heard punk rock as a kid, I was hooked. The power and energy was exactly what I was looking for and I've been playing it ever since.

Jim- It's where the love of playing music began.

John- Punk Rock from me is an attitude and it fit since the early 80's.

Scott- It’s not just punk rock! The release has rock n roll in it too. But then again isn’t it just rock n roll when it comes down to it.

Did you know each other before the band was formed?

Mark- Scott and I go way back and were in Hollywood Hate. I met Jim and John when I came down to jam with Infamous Stiffs.

Scott- Mark and myself have know each other for a long time, even played together in a previous band called Hollywood Hate. I met Jim and John when I joined up.

Each band member's favorite band? Mark- Adolescents / Jim- Circle Jerks / John- The Clash.

Who or what inspires you to write songs?

Mark- I write what I want to hear. Rhthyms and melodies that refect and convey what I'm feeling.

Jim- A love of music and a need to create something that makes people want to cut loose and have fun.

John- Thought, feelings, what's going on around me.

Scott - Sometimes it's just the general public that sparks a twinkle. Sometimes it's the event that moves and shakes the foundation that the general public stands on. It can also be a mood thing. When it's a mood thing, I consult my mood ring and go from there.

Have any of you ever suffered from stage fright? Any tip for beginners on how to beat that?

Mark- Only in the beginning. You just have to keep playing and it gets better.

Jim- Yes, cocaine, lots of cocaine.

Scott- No, it's always fun. Let your inhibitions go. Enjoy it while you can. You have worked on your tunes toohard to be afraid. Go and share with like minded people and remember you get more than one shot. Don't believe the industry bullshit that you only get one. Just do it!

What bands inspired you the most?

Mark- Adolesents, The Damned, The Ventures, AC/DC.

Jim- Too many to list but I'll play along. California, New York and English punk rock and Stax Soul.

John- The Clash, Ramones, Sex Pistols.

Scott- In all honesty, there are too many to name. But I will say that when I was a wee lad, watching Tony from Adolescents when they were first going and Rudy from The Stains was motivating as fuck! Really, any band out there and doing it is an inspiration. I get joy when I see releaseing music. IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!

Does the band have new material coming soon?

Mark- Yes, we hope to have a new album done by summer.

‘Lockdown Live’:




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