Thursday, May 12, 2022

ST. PATRICK’S COUGH The new album by ELECTRIC OCTOPUS! Pre-order for vinyl will be available on July 15th 2022!



"Over the last few years, Belfast-based trio Electric Octopus have emerged as something of a sonic law unto themselves. Equal parts intuitive and boundlessly inspired, their ever-changing explorations of the psychedelic unknown is something that inspired many on our scene."

Thank you to everyone for the support over the years.

The majority of this album was recorded in Holywell, nestled inbetween the mountains of county Fermanagh and county Leitrim. A short walk from St Patrick's holy well. The water is reputed to be the coldest in Ireland, and is a site of pilgrimage for local people. The upwelling has a yield of about 600 gallons per minute and flows off into two streams, each flowing in a different direction. A magical place and the namesake of this album.

We spent a time playing sporadically during the pandemic, split across continents and then landmasses. Here we have brought together the different elements we each gathered on our respective journeys.

Rather than releasing quickly, we took the time, worked on the mixes and got the best audio aesthetics possible. This is a constant learning experience, and thankyou for coming for the ride.

We are now all living on the same landmass again, watch this space.

Thanks a million,
Electric Octopus"

Electric Octopus are a new and exciting musical cabal that'll take your mind on a weird and wonderful adventure. /
Musical meanderings and improvised sessions are our business. Enjoy the ride!

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